The Magical Disney Continues

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Disney will add the ‘Magic’ To Your Overseas Share Portfolio
July 22, 2014
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July 13, 2015
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The Magical Disney Continues


Last July I penned an article entitled : “Disney will add the “Magic” to your overseas share portfolio” – and readers who took heed and bought shares can now afford a trip to Orlando and Disney World.

As I mentioned then, the company boasts Disneyland and Walt Disney resort theme parks in the US as well as international resorts in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Furthermore next year Shanghai Disneyland, a huge and multiple-year development, will open. Walt Disney company also has extensive interests in cable television, publishing, broadcasting and radio and web portals. The company owns ABC Inc. and ESPN Inc. It is the second largest broadcasting and cable company in the world in terms of revenue.

Great companies like magical Disney, preserve their core values and vision but simultaneously adapt and reinvent their strategies and operating practices to cope with an ever changing environment. Disney has always held firmly to a set of core values that includes a passionate belief in creative imagination, fanatical attention to detail and the preservation of the Disney ‘Magic’. The mission that pervades every new Disney project – to bring happiness and smiles to millions, particularly children – has never been abandoned. This drive transcends all races and all boundaries and borders and has made the company a truly multinational group. The aim of putting a smile on a child’s face is simple, powerful and clearly carries universal appeal.

And Disney is already going to have many magical moments in 2015. Should readers buy Disney shares now? What other shares should be considered?

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Photo : Disneyland Florida / The Walt Disney Company (p)