The bottom line

Fenestra doesn’t invest clients’ money in generic portfolios. Rather investment portfolios are custom made. We listen to our clients, find out exactly what their investment objectives are and design portfolios accordingly.

William Meyer CEO

Performance-Driven Investment

Since 2004 Fenestra Asset Management - headed by William Meyer
 - has easily outstripped the All-Share Index (and consumer price inflation).

Fenestra’s relatively small size is a major advantage over larger competitors, allowing a focused approach to investment. Fenestra has one goal: to make money with our clients.

Fenestra’s competitive fee structure also enhances client returns. We charge a fee that’s 
a percentage of assets under management, and that’s it. Investors that go into unit trusts or Fund of Fund investments are lumbered with layers of fees... no wonder they battle to beat the market.

Being nimble makes a huge difference. Fenestra largely focus on mid-cap stocks - mainly the second line companies that show value and have growth potential. While some of these stocks wouldn’t make an impact on a R2bn portfolio, we can secure lines of scrip that make a huge difference to our portfolios.

Operating with a small team allows flexibility in stock picking and investment decisions.

Since inception in 1990, Fenestra has regularly outperformed the market (as measured by the ALSI). In recent years, Fenestra’s biggest successes included limiting the negative return in 2008 to under 15% when the ALSI showed a 26% drop after the global financial meltdown.